Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cantrell Hails Life As 'Five-Stars' So Far

INDIANAPOLIS - Film critic Keith Cantrell has only finished watching one-fifth of Life, but he paused this morning to publish a review of what he thinks so far. "It is unlike anything I've ever seen," he said. "The storyline had me right from the start."

Cantrell is confident all the main characters have been introduced, but he is still puzzled on the identity of the leading lady. He reassured: "Don't worry. The good stories keep you guessing until the last possible second about love. Then you realize it was obvious all along."

Cantrell's biggest regret is that the characters Grandma B. and Grandpa J. had to make their exit in the first act. However, he is certain their love and generous contributions will impact the rest of the story. 

What impresses Cantrell most about Life so far? "The little things. Every prop, extra, and wardrobe piece adds to the experience of Life. Many people overlook these things, but you must pay attention to the details to find full enjoyment," he said.

He would like to express thanks to the director - God - for coming up with the idea of Life and bringing great performances out of actors that "don't really know what they're doing." 

Cantrell is currently getting a refill of buttered popcorn before he goes back to watch the remainder of Life. 

"I would have changed a few things if I had written the script," he concluded. "But then again, it's not over yet."

Critic Keith Cantrell