Monday, November 30, 2015

Buddy the Elf Becomes an Adult

As I write this, I am sitting in a top secret production meeting for a TV pilot that will be filming over the next couple of weeks! Aside from delivering coffee and passing out schedules, I am staying out of the way, so I wanted to take a moment to fill you all in...

Inside the secret meeting
Since the internship program was an extension of my college education, I am bracing myself for the fact that my "adult life" will begin officially on December 12. No more tests - yay! No more essays - yay! No more assurance of a bed to sleep in or a cafeteria to get food - boo. 

If you know someone who is looking for a roommate or tenant in the Los Angeles area, please send their contact information my way. I am sure all my past and present roommates would give me a raving review (shoutout to Zachary, Alex, Brock, Logan and Gerardo)! I will pay on time and clean up after myself. 

As of late, I have not done as fantastic of a job cleaning up after myself because I have been filming "Keith Shaves His Beard 6," so my room is cluttered with costumes of all my different characters. I have about 80% of the video finished, and I am very happy with how everything is turning out. My Grandma would be proud, because I assembled many of the costumes myself with a good ol' needle and thread. 

Sewing Buddy the Elf's coat
A favorite moment from filming was when I went into an In-N-Out dressed like Buddy the Elf and ordered a cheeseburger. As I stood in line inside the packed restaurant, I yelled, "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU FINALLY DID IT! THE WORLD'S BEST CHEESEBURGER!" I thought everyone in the establishment would catch the reference and burst into applause, but instead my outburst was met with dead silence. I could have heard a pin drop. Here is the video, filmed by the remarkable Jason Crossman. The audio from my iPhone was not the best, but you can definitely catch some of the confused faces:

Keep your eyes peeled for Keith Shaves His Beard 6, as well as more updates from my thrillingly unpredictable life :)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Getting What You Want and Being Thankful

In one month, my internship program will be over and I will start doing what some people call, "living in the real world." Today I cashed in on my Christmas presents early by having my mom place an Amazon order with $80.00 worth of costumes for my next crazy video. I guess this means I will be making my entrance into my adult life in full Keith fashion.

I have been thinking a lot about a speech I made at graduation where I talked about how difficult it is to share my friends with the world. I am so thankful for Facebook and getting the chance to stay updated about everyone's life, but it also makes me sad. Sad because I want you all to be here with me, right now! Geography is a sucky thing. But you know what would be even more sucky? Having friends I didn't care about. So I guess I'll just use geography to my advantage...One of my goals in the next 25 years is to have close friends in all 50 states. This will give me a personal look at what is going on all over the country, and it will be a lot cheaper to travel and not pay for hotels :) (You've had your warning: get that guest bedroom ready for me.)

The last couple of weeks, I have learned a ton at my internships just from observing meetings and professionals in their natural habitat. For example, my next project at one of the internships is helping film a TV pilot that some major networks have expressed interest in. We have regular pre-production meetings at Marie Callender's where I get to eat pie for breakfast if I want (!) and listen in on what aspects of the project are going smoothly and what hiccups needed to be addressed. It is amazing to watch a legitimate Hollywood production meeting in action, where participants take turns talking and work their way down a list of bullet points until the meeting is over. I wish I could say that every meeting I've ever hosted has been that organized.

Another time, I got the chance to listen to some pitches for television shows and then watch them get critiqued by a panel of judges. What I learned from this experience can be applied to any area of life where a person is trying to get something: make it personal. If you are pitching a movie, tell the executive how the story is rooted in an aspect of your own life. If you want your mom to give you a cookie from the cookie jar, tell her how your childhood was shaped by the joy of eating homemade cookies. If you want a car salesman to cut you a good deal, well...there's probably nothing you can say that will help your cause. But this advice will help you get what you want in most situations. You're welcome. 

To do this week: 
- Go on a walk or run to at least give myself the illusion that I am staying in shape.
- Not confuse a lane of parked cars for a right turn lane. To anyone reading this who was behind me that day when I had to put my car in reverse and change lanes: I am sorry.
- Remind myself to be thankful for everything the Lord is doing and has done in my life. 

As Thanksgiving approaches, I hope you find some time to be thankful, too.

Oh, and if Batman ever retires...I've got you covered, Gotham City! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

An Intern Having Fun?!

My goal was to write three blog entries for you each month, but October slipped away almost as quickly as the supply of Gatorade I brought with me from Indiana! I guess that means I owe you four entries in November :)

Many of you saw my Mr. Bean Halloween costume. (Thanks for all the love, Facebook friends!) For those of you who missed it: 

The highlight of my weekend was going to a Halloween shindig with Justin Bell. You know you've made it as an intern when you are going to parties with your boss!

Mr. Bean with Blinky from Pac-Man
The best thing about going to a dance party dressed like Mr. Bean is that you can make an absolute fool out of yourself and it is 100% socially acceptable.

This group knows how to party!
However, I started looking less and less like Mr. Bean as the dance party continued, as my bathroom mirror selfies will tell you...

In this one, I have realized I will have to fight to keep up my Mr. Bean persona:

An hour later, I have given in. I am no longer Mr. Bean. I am a very tired and James Dean version of Keith:

I'd better be careful, though, because I don't want you to get the impression that I am not working! I stay very busy as an intern...

Pushing air conditioners!

Scrubbing cement!

Holding important objects!

And - occasionally - stuffing my face at the crafty table!

Well, I think that catches us up to speed...I am working hard and making time to have fun, too. Sending virtual hugs from California! Or, if you're in California, come on over and I'll give you a real one.