Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sundance -- And We're Off!

Dear Reader,

When I was a wee freshman putting together my four-year-plan, I decided to plop the "Sundance Study Trip" in the junior year J-term spot. It seemed like years away. Now it's here, and Day 1 is done!

I am going to try to keep you guys updated throughout the trip as time allows. This may include short movie reviews and stories. Mind you, this is not the official blog for the trip, just Keith's personal one.

The highlights of today were witnessing the majesty of Utah's mountains and meeting a Grandma named Donna.

Tomorrow I am seeing the documentary Return to Homs, which I am very excited about. Also going to explore the town and meet up with my cousin, Tim, who is also at Sundance. I would encourage you all to branch out and watch some new movies yourselves this week, even if you can't go to Sundance! Any day can be a movie day!

Love from Utah,

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  1. Have a great time. I do love Utah! Blessings from the Ducimetiere's